If you recently attended an AA meeting, you know that surrender is vital to success. Surrender is an easy subjuect to talk about, read about, or share with someone else. But actual surrendering is tough, hard work, and requires a solid support system.

I have come to accept the fact that the 12 Steps of AA should be practiced by everyone. Those steps give a good foundation for any type of change you need to make. I know, because I am currently working through the 12 Steps as a Pastor. No, it's not about alcohol, sex or drugs. But it is about change in my personal life as a human being and Christ-follower. Let me share my practical, determined approach for spiritual transformation through 12 Steps.

I began with Step 12, Responsibility. And I turned it around with this phrase, "An irresponsible life." From there, I added these six points to help me examine my life.

1. How deep is the pit I am digging as I practice bad choices?

2. How do I juggle things to protect myself?

3. How much guilt am I carrying from my bad decisions?

4. How great is my personal shame?

5. How big is the wall between me and God?

6. How big is the wall between me and other people?

I then evaluate my life by walking through the 12 Steps: Powerlessness, Humility, Connection, Willingness, Confession, Faith, Surrender, Service, Forgiveness, Restitution, Sacrifice, and Responsibility.

Finally, I include others in my process to help me remain on target.

Do you want to finally surrender and see change? Begin here.

If you need help, please contact me at or 717-792-6060.

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